Thursday, February 18, 2010

"I See Love"

Lesson Learned

So last night a particular 7 year old was used to show me a lesson that we preach all the time. Last night, Trenton was tired (didn't want to admit it) and his attitude was beginning to reflect it. After about 20 minutes of fighting this attitude he was sitting on the couch and barking at people from there. Then came the moment when he was going to get up and show is brother, who was mocking him, how he felt and that resulted in him slipping and falling on the tile. Of course that was followed by everyone getting silent because we all knew that in the next few seconds he was going to show how embarrassed he was by either loosing the attitude or getting mad. At that moment God showed me a lesson that we all, as Christians, have experienced if not once, then we have multiple times. Trenton sat back up on the couch and was crying because it hurt when he hit the tile. (I think it hurt his pride more than physically) Earlier, before all this happened, we were talking about when we pray we need to examine our own hearts and our actions because often times we pray for people to change but really, sometimes, it is us who need to do some changing also. Anyways, after all this happened I started thinking and God showed me this vital lesson. As Christians sometimes we get caught up in life, especially when things are going good, and we forget about who delivered us to that point. Our attitudes and actions begin to reflect our priorties. (I know that a 7 year old has way different pritorites like all Children do) Often times there comes a time when we need to be humbled and God allows us to "fall" and hit a valley so that way we can be humbled. So that way we can pick up our cross and come back to him. I tried explaining this to Trenton in a 7-year old fashion and I also explained that at the time we fall, it is painful (not always physically but more so to our pride) and we don't enjoy it but it is necessary for us. The other night we had another issue with attitude and it resulted in discipline. We opened the bible up to Hebrews 12 where is talks about induring hardship and looking at it as discipline from our Father. And that we should not look at it as that he does not love us or that he is mean, but look at it as HIM ACCEPTING US AS HIS OWN CHILDREN BECAUSE HE DOES LOVE US!! Last night we brought that passage back up and I tried explaining that at times when we "fall", it is our Father's way of showing us his love....amazing! Eventually, Trenton was curled up next to his Daddy on the couch crying and letting Todd hold him and they prayed together. Do you ever find yourself while you are in your "valley" crying out to God and then eventually you are wrapped up in his arms and letting him hold you again? I know I have multiple times. I know that a 7 year old experiences different things that an adult goes through but it was a good example. I know this is a long post but it has been laying on my heart to share and facebook won't allow me to post something this long. I hope that the lesson that God showed through a 7-year old last night touches you as well! Have a good day everyone! Everyone read Hebrews 12! And I will have everyone know that Trenton was not physically hurt, just embarrassed! This also shows that if we look close enough, God uses everyone and everything to show his Children how much he loves us and wants us to live according to his will...I am amazed everyday at his out-pouring of love and grace! GOD IS GOOD, GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

This is New!

So I am new to this but I think I'm going to like it! Have a good day everyone!